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Sports: A Path to Strength, Passion & Purpose

Maybe it’s the camaraderie. The friendships. The laughter and fun. The falling, failing and trying it all again. The healthy hearts and healthy rivalries. The feeling of scoring your very first goal, or earning a new personal best. The heartbreak of missing the cut. Time with family, time with friends, and sometimes just time alone. The realization that there are no limits and no shortcuts – only opportunities through hard work. The hours, days and months of practice that can turn into a lifelong passion. And a passion that turns into strength and confidence that can carry us well beyond sports and into a life of purpose and profound contributions to our communities and our world.

On National Girls and Women in Sports Day, and every day, the ANNIKA Foundation celebrated the many gifts that sports bring to our lives. National Girls and Women is Sports Day is held the first week of each February to honor the accomplishments of female athletes, recognize the influence of sports participation for women and girls, and honor the progress and continuing struggle for equality for women in sports.

This year, we asked some of our friends to tell us what sports mean to them. Their delightful responses made us laugh, sigh, dream, cheer and fall in love with sports all over again.

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