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Senior Spotlight: Anita Uwadia

South Carolina senior Anita Uwadia has played in four ANNIKA Intercollegiate presented by 3M events, with a T2 best finish in 2016 as a freshman. While she is very grateful of the opportunity for an extra year of eligibility, Uwadia plans to start her career as a professional golfer and will compete on the Symetra Tour when it returns.

We recently caught up with Anita and she shared what she’s been doing while quarantining with her roommate and teammate Lois Kaye Go, reflecting on her past four years at South Carolina and much more in the latest Senior Spotlight.

What are your top 3 TV shows right now?


Money Heist

Game of thrones

What is your favorite type of homecooked meal?

Spam Musubi by my roommate

What have you been doing to pass the time during quarantine?

Reading without my roommate, working out without my roommate, annoying my roommate, watching shows with my roommate, cooking with my roommate, eating with my roommate, going on walks without my roommate. My roommate btw is my South Carolina teammate Lois Kaye Go.

What is your favorite at home workout?

Working out my jaws (eating) 😊

Pushups and Burpees

Do you have any hidden talents?

I have a high resistance to fire. I can put fire in my hand with a lighter and basically hold it there, so I’m basically the female version of Johnny Storm from Fantastic 4

How do you usually spend your free time outside of golf?

Hiking and exploring scenic landscapes, working out and binge reading

Who is your biggest role model and why?

I don’t really have a conventional role model, but I am chasing the person I want to be five years from now. I envision the person I want to be (hardworking, generous, friendly, great golfer, etc.) so every day I wake up I do what I imagine me in five years would be doing.

What are three adjectives that describe you best?

Outgoing, Adventurous, Silly

Can you tell me about your initial reaction when you first heard the news about the rest of the season being cancelled? What feelings or emotions did you go through?

At first, I was happy when they extended spring break, but then when they cancelled the season my mood dramatically changed. I was more shocked than sad since I couldn’t believe it. I was also very sad when my teammates left suddenly due to the change in border laws. That was heartbreaking because I didn’t have a chance to say a proper goodbye as I am a senior and leaving college for good. I just didn’t envision my college career ending this way but hey, I guess it’s an interesting story to tell in the future.

Looking back on your time as a Gamecock, can you describe what it was like to play golf at South Carolina and what it taught you both on and off the golf course?

Coming into SC, I was probably the most disorganized person you’d ever seen in your life. My coach definitely emphasized accountability and that’s something that stuck with me off the course. In addition to playing golf, I met amazing people especially my advisor, Rochelle Robinson, who would go above and beyond to help me when I struggled mentally. People like these make you realize that there is more to an athlete than just their sport and you shouldn’t see yourself through the lens of your performance. On the course, I learned what it was like to work with a team that you cherish. I found my best friends on the team and I was very grateful to share every moment with them. It was amazing playing for a coach who tried to be as silly as possible to loosen her players up before every round. My assistant coach also made sure we had all the resources to perform at our best, whether it was by doing research for us until 2am or working on our stats to get them to us the next day. Amazing is an understatement when describing my time being a part of the Gamecock family. P.S my fav moment has to be singing pitch perfect finale song on our way back from tournaments. Every member on the team had their verses.

You’ve played in the ANNIKA Intercollegiate every year since 2016. Can you share your favorite memory from the event?

Definitely when Annika told me she loved watching me play coming off the 18th green during my freshman year. It was also my very first college event so that stuck with me.

How did you make your decision to attend South Carolina?

Puggy! My former assistant coach, Puggy, had lots of experience working with great professionals and I wanted to learn all I could from him. Also, the facilities are one of the best in the country and I knew I could grow my game there.

Do you have any encouraging words to share with other collegiate athletes who have had their seasons cut short due to the pandemic?

I would say although it is tough finishing your career in such a disappointing way, try to remember the great times you had in college. Let that be the memory you take away because we all know it’s one of the most special times we will forever cherish in our lives.

What is your advice for young female golfers who are just starting to play the game?

Me singing “Work, work, work, work, work, work” by Rihanna. Haha kidding! Someone once told me his word for describing golf is E.D.J.A.F.- Endless Discovery of Joy and Frustration. To the young females, have a dream and run towards that dream. A lot of times, you will be frustrated, and you will be tempted to give up, but always remember slow progress is still progress. This game is like life, what you learn from it, you use in your daily lives. Enjoy every single shot, whether good or bad, it doesn’t last forever. For African American female golfers who have a limited number of people who look like you, keep your head down and keep working. I hope to someday join the faces of people you look up to. Everything is possible when you believe it.

Is there anything that golf has taught you that has helped you through this uncertain time? If so, what it is?

You get good breaks and bad breaks; you’ve just got to make the best out of every situation.

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