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5 Ways to Get Someone Interested in Golf

You love the game of golf, right? Spending time out on the golf course, hitting a perfect shot, sinking a long putt. Golf may be a solo sport, but it is the most fun to spend a round with a friend or loved one. Curious about how to get someone who doesn’t share your passion for the game to like golf? Read on to find out.

Start Simple

It may be difficult to convince someone who may not be super interested in golf to go out and play 18 holes with you. That’s why it’s important to start small and simple. Try heading to a nearby miniature golf course. This fun and relaxed environment is a great way to get someone comfortable with playing golf or at least watching. Or, head to a driving range and try teaching the basics of a golf swing. This way, the person can go at their own pace without the pressure of having to keep up with you during a round.

Shorter Format

Again, start small. You may think 18 holes is relaxing and fun, but it could be overwhelming for a newbie to have to commit upwards of four hours of their time. Plus, if they don’t know what they’re doing, it can get frustrating as well. That’s why trying a 9-hole course or a par 3 course may be a good way to go. It takes less time and still gives a taste of the sport. Also, get a golf cart for your round to help keep their energy up.

Stay Patient

When learning something new, having a patient teacher makes all of the difference. Golf may be your favorite sport - you live and breathe it. But to your friend or family member, all they may know about golf is that you play it. Imagine how much practice you’ve put into the game over the years to get to your skill level. A newcomer won’t be able to achieve the same overnight. Try not to be overly critical, but instead offer friendly tips.

Watch a Round

A great way to get someone to like the sport is to watch it in action. If you’re playing in a tournament, invite them out to watch. Or, if you have a professional tournament in your area go together. Seeing skilled athletes doing what they do best is sometimes enough to inspire someone to go out and try the sport out themselves. Plus, it’s a great way to explain some of the rules of the game with real-life examples.

Make it Fun

Golf can be such a fun game and a lot of that is because of what happens shot to shot or after the round. Playing a round of golf with a friend is a great time to catch up, have a few laughs, and just enjoy time with each other.

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