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The Importance of Wellness and Fitness - Annika's Thoughts

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

It’s been nearly 10 years since I stepped away from competitive golf. Wow, time flies. Life has certainly changed, and so have my priorities. But one thing that hasn’t is my approach to wellness and fitness. I still like to work out and be active several times each week.

When I competed, golf was obviously my primary focus and my workout routines were mainly driven by how I could lower my scores. Specifically, I tried to increase my strength for faster club head and ball speed, to create better muscle control (which helped me control the club), and to prevent injuries. So, I spent a lot of time lifting weights to get stronger while also increasing my mobility.

Nowadays as a mom of two, my focus is a bit different, as is my available time.

Therefore, I’ve decreased my gym time in favor of more outdoor activities, developing an appetite for different challenges like triathlons and 10 Ks and half marathons. This has proven to be very interesting. Doing three different cardio exercises (running, swimming and biking) makes it fun and keeps me from getting bored. I never really pursued these sports in my youth, so I am new to them – probably an 18-handicapper! But I do love challenges. One of my gifts from my 2017 European Solheim Cup team members was a new road bike. That has certainly taken my experience to a whole new level; I really enjoy my time “in the saddle."

As a fierce competitor, I always try to improve my time or increase my distance traveled. I guess some things never change. Also, planning an occasional race here and there keeps me going and setting goals, which are important for my motivation.

Of course, whatever the reason is for working out, it’s important to be active to stay healthy and young. In my house, I need to keep up with our kids’ constant energy and excitement. There is a part of me that wants to show them their Mamma still has it!

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