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Golf Tip Tuesday - Best Full Swing Tip

Annika says this is the best golf tip she ever received. It will help you feel how the golf club should move using the right parts of your body to make it accelerate. You can do it on the range or the golf course.

First, take the golf club and grip it normally. When you set up to the ball, put your feet together so they’re almost touching. From there, just swing the club back and forth, and what you’ll see is you’re working your upper body, rotating it back and forth, and finishing with your belt buckle to the target. Your club will brush the grass and you’ll truly feel which body parts are working to make the club move.

After doing a few swings like that, try it with a golf ball. The only difference is you are going to widen your stance to normal shoulder width and then just feel the club move the same way you were doing before.

Accelerating the club is important to playing good golf. However, a faster, stronger swing must be based on using the right parts of the body to optimize speed while avoiding injury.

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