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10 Accessories Every Golfer Should Have

Golf is a simple sport requiring golf balls and clubs as the absolute basics to begin with. As you start to progress with golf, whether as a hobby or competitively, you’ll inevitably start to pick up accessories here and there to make your experience a little easier. There are tons of different products and gadgets on the market, so it can be difficult to figure out what the essentials are. Read on to find out what 10 accessories you may want to consider investing in before your next round.

Sun Protection

As an outdoor sport, golf really exposes you to the elements so it’s important to ensure you are ready for whatever you may encounter. Sun protection is essential. What you decide to pack is up to your preference, but sunscreen should be the foundation for any sun protection kit. Don’t forget about lip balm either. From there, you can add on a hat with UV protection, sunglasses, or moisture-wicking clothing. A golf umbrella can double as shade on a sunny day or shelter from the rain too.


Staying hydrated on the golf course not only helps you physically, but it also helps your golf game as well by keeping supporting brain function and preventing fatigue. While it’s important to ensure you’re getting some hydration in before your round, it’s equally as important to keep up with your fluid intake during (and after) the round a well. A reusable water bottle is an easy way to keep your water or sports drink with you while you play.


A golf towel is a great multi-use item. Use it to keep your ball or clubs clean, wipe your hands, or wipe the sweat off of your brow on a hot day. Tip - keep a towel outside of your bag and one inside that way if it rains, you’ll have a fresh towel to help dry off. An extra tip - find a towel that you can easily clip to your bag that way it doesn’t fall off during your round.


If you’re looking to count your steps, a round of golf is a great way to rack up the mileage. On average, a golfer can log anywhere from three to six miles when walking 18 holes. Make things easier on you, and more importantly your feet, by investing in some comfortable insoles. Not only will you feel more comfortable during your round, but a proper fitting set of insoles can relieve post-round fatigue, aches, and pains too.

Sharpies or Marking Tools

There may be a few times during your round where you’ll have to go looking for your golf ball, so ensuring you have a distinct mark on your ball makes it all the easier to find. How a golfer marks their golf ball is unique to each golfer, so show off some pizazz with how you mark your ball. A set of colorful sharpies or other marking tools allows you to customize your ball with whatever designs or symbols you want.

Divot Tool

It takes a lot to maintain a golf course and there’s small things you can do during your round to help keep your course looking great. A divot tool is a great item to keep in your bag to help repair pitch marks or divots. It’s a good habit to get into to always try and repair your own marks made to the golf course.

Golf Glove

Getting a blister on your hand is no fun when trying to grip a golf club, so adding a golf glove to the mix will help protect your hands while adding in a sweat-free grip every time. When shopping for a glove, but sure to look for one with flexible material for ease of comfort.

Ball Marker

Sure, you can use a random coin or a tee to mark your ball but using a ball marker is another way to show off some of your personality on the golf course. It is also a fun keepsake to get from a favorite or bucket list golf course you’ve played.

Yardage Book Cover

You’re out on the course and an unexpected shower hits and everything gets wet - including your scorecard and yardage book. Paper doesn’t hold up well to water, so an easy way to protect your things is by having a yardage book cover. You don’t need to get anything super fancy, although you can personalize this accessory if you’d like.


Golf clubs are an investment, and you want to make sure they stay protected when they are moving around in your bag. Headcovers and putter covers protect your clubs from the elements and from the other clubs in your bag. With a variety of styles, colors, and materials, you can personalize your bag to your interests.

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