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“I always raise my own bar to improve and figure out how to practice to get there. It is important to have the will to get better and better, and of course stay competitive and embrace the challenge. That helped a lot during my career.”
“Your desire to work is key. I think I’m known for my work ethic, persistence, dedication and focus.”
“For them to see what it takes behind the scenes; it’s not just those four days or six days of being at that tournament; but it’s the months prior, the daily grind, the discipline, the focus, and the dedication to go out there and try to achieve something, to have that goal, to have that purpose, and work towards something.”
*Referencing the 2023 U.S. Senior Women's Open
“The things that we want are sometimes the ones that are hardest to get and that's why it takes, commitment, hunger, and patience to get there. You get what you put in.”
“Colonial was a way to push myself to another level. If I don't do well, I go home and analyze: What could I do better? If you never try, you never know. It's only one week. Anything can happen in a week.”
“Reflect on your weaknesses and work to improve them.”
“I push myself in the gym, I push myself on the golf course. And now, I get an opportunity to play against the best men in the world. I figured this was really testing me and this was really pushing me to work harder.”
*Referring to 2003 Bank of America Colonial
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