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Sitting Up Ball Lie

"To help you hit a good shot from a lie that makes the ball sit up, I have a few pointers. The ball is a little towards the back of your stance, hands are in front, and the weight is more on your left leg."

Sloping Lies

"You want to make sure you are standing with the slope. So this means your right shoulder will be positioned a bit lower and your left shoulder will be a bit higher."

Ball Trajectory

"A lot of golfers wonder what their trajectory is on each golf club. The reason why I think it’s important to know is because you’re going to be in situations on the golf course where you might want to hit it low, you might want to hit it high. For example, in a fairway bunker where you’re close to the lip, you know what club you need to get it right over the lip. Same thing if you want to hit it under a tree. I have a simple trick for you to try, just grab a club like a sand wedge, and you can step on the club face. You can see where the shaft is pointing and that is the trajectory of your sand wedge. Grab another club, pitching wedge, and do the same thing. Step on the club face, and you can see it’s a little lower. That’s the trajectory of your pitching wedge, and last but not least, you can grab your 7-iron. Look at the trajectory of your 7-iron, and you can see the difference."

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