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No Wrists

"In putting we do not want to use our wrists. Therefore, we have it more in our hands, in the palm of our hands."

Line Putting Drill

"Shorter putts can make us a little nervous so instead of guiding them, really feel like you're stroking it to the hole." 

Weight Distribution

"Here's a drill you can try at home to make to make sure that one arm or hand is less dominant than the other."


"Grip the putter more in the hands, not the fingers. Your palms should face each other, and your thumbs should rest on the shaft. Rock your shoulders and accelerate the putter to the target."

Short Putts

"Let’s talk short putts, the dreaded 3-footers. The ones where you feel a lot of pressure, and the ones that we feel we must make. I have a drill here that's about putting around the clock. So, put a bunch of tees around the hole, different distances. About 2-feet, 3-feet, 4-feet, 5-feet, and then just putt around from each tee. It’s hard to create pressure putts on the practice green, but you play some games and say, “Hey, you can only move from one tee to the other once you make it, or you can only move to the other side when you make all three.” Make it exciting, make it fun, and put a little pressure on yourself."

No Equipment Putting Drill

"Growing up in Sweden, I didn’t have access to golf courses all year round, so I was trying to figure out ways to practice during the winter season. Here is a drill that I use quite a bit to help my putting. As a matter of fact, you don’t need a putter. Make sure you have a good setup, your feet should be about the width of your shoulders, and then let your arms hang, totally relaxed. Then cross your hands, still hanging, and then just start rocking it back and forth. This really activates your shoulders, and you should feel it. You’re not going to hit a ball; you’re just going to go through the motion. Give it a go!"


"In putting, tempo is really important. Of course, it’s important to read the putts right and have the right speed, but tempo, the rhythm of your putting is really important. Make it smooth. I use a metronome when I practice."

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