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Divot Size

"How big is a divot size in the bunker? I recommend it's about the size of a dollar bill. Next time, bring your money."

Avoid Chunking

"To stop chunking your bunker shots, make the back edge of the clubhead enter the sand before the leading edge. Find a level area in the sand and set up in the bunker. Open the club face which makes the back edge lower than the leading edge and swing, skimming the club off the top of the rake. You’ll quickly sense what it feels like to hit with the back edge of the club, the “bounce”. Now transfer that feeling to an actual shot. First lower your body a few inches so the clubface can slide under the ball. I do this by widening my stance. Then, play the ball off your front heel, and remember to open the clubface. Make a three-quarter swing, accelerating the club past your hands through impact. The back edge should enter the sand two to three inches behind the ball, which will help the clubhead slide and push the ball out. To prevent the club from digging too deep, keep your body turning till a full finish is reached."

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