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Annika shares pre-shot routine she still uses today

Updated: Dec 19, 2019

As I prepare to play this weekend in Houston at the 3M Greats, I will definitely rely on my past experiences and stick to my routines.

No matter how I play or how much I am playing, I like to go through the same routine before every shot. This is what I call my pre-shot routine. This routine has three purposes. First, it keeps me comfortable, second, it helps control my nerves and last but certainly not least, it does wonders for my consistency.

Here is a quick summary that can help you play more consistent golf and take you on a path to lower scores.

1. Pick a target after choosing a club. I walk a few steps behind the ball to spot my target line.

2. Visualize the shot. While staring at the target, I take a few practice swings, visualizing the type of shot I want to hit. I use my senses, see it, feel it and hear it. It’s important to feel good about the upcoming shot and be 100 % committed.

3. Aim the face. I finalize my target line and once I am ready, I step up to the ball, point the clubface to the target, use an intermediate target if needed (leaf, grass or divot in front of you).

4. Take the stance. Plant your feet, build your stance, align your shoulders, forearms, hips, and knees parallel with the target and perpendicular to the clubface.

5. Rip it! Take a few waggles to remove the tension. Trust your decision, commit and execute!

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